Looking for a Painter & Decorator in Harrow? With over 25 years of experience, we can handle pretty much everything that comes to paint and wallpaper. We cover in Greater London and offer a range of services.

Exterior painting – Walls, fences, fascias, you name it.

Interior painting – Ceiling, walls, floors, woodwork.

Wallpapering – Any paper of your choice. We do linings too.

Free Quotations
We always do free cost estimates to make it easier for you to decide what you want. We will visit your house and type up a written cost estimate. Communication is a priority to us; if you don’t know sign language we will book a sign language interpreter to come with us. This costs you nothing. Then we send the cost estimate to you, usually by email. After you have agreed to it we will arrange a date for the work to start. This could be next week or next month – depends on our schedule and yours too.

Remember preparation: you will need to tidy up the rooms which will be painted. Make sure it is accessible all round. We will then cover your furniture and floors to make sure they stay clean.

Please note that we always try to make an accurate cost estimate but sometimes there are surprises such as rotten wood or damp patches. In these cases, we will always talk to you first before we go ahead with the job.