N.H., Bristol:

“Apart from Colin’s meticulous attention to detail, fair prices & great work ethic, I would like to write this review focusing on the fact that Colin is a deaf professional tradesman. Since buying my house four years ago it has been completely renovated & over the years we have used many tradesman. All of which have been of a fairly high standard but none have been deaf until now. Given that I am a Sign Language Interpreter, communication wasn’t a fear of mine but my husband who doesn’t know any sign language, works from home and I was quite anxious as to how they would communicate with each other. It turned out that communication was clear, a mixture of gesture, writing things down, but never a problem. Also my husband has always had to put up with the chit chat or noise from other tradesman’s radio’s an annoyance when people are in your home all day, singing away whilst he was trying to negotiate a potential new contract. None of this presented whilst Colin was in our home, my husband and I were able to talk quite freely about private matters without worrying about ‘who was listening’. This is definitely an added advantage of having a deaf tradesman over a hearing one, which should be considered as a bonus. I will definitely be calling on his services again.”

A-M.R., Bristol:

“Previously to using Mr Singh I had a series of bad experiences using a lottery of various workmen. Eventually Mr Singh started doing various assignments for me and I have been completely satisfied with the work. Not only has his work been of high quality but he has always been very punctual and always makes sure the job is completely finished. He has excellent attention to detail and I believe his studies in interior design give him added value especially when you have a dilemma, he is on hand to give useful guidance and practical advice. Mr Singh is also very good at letting you know how long a job will take and I find his judgment is always precise. His charges are very reasonable and I would recommend him to anyone.

Mr Singh is a very respectful character and friendly without being overly chatty, he likes to get on with the work and always leaves the property tidy and clean.”

E.L., Whalley, Lancashire:

“Colin has done work for both myself and in my parents’ house and has never failed to impress us. He is hardworking and a complete perfectionist. One of the jobs we needed doing was to paint a few rooms before we moved house, he fit us in to his busy schedule and I have no doubt that his work helped us in the sale of our property. Communication is no issue, my Mum doesn’t sign and Colin worked in their house for a week with no issues at all and everything done how they wanted. Highly recommended!”

A & L, Preston, Lancashire:

“We were looking for a decorator to work on our dining room and a friend recommended Colin because he had done a good job decorating her lounge. I contacted Colin and he came to see us when we discussed the work we needed doing in our dining room.

He provided an itemised quotation for the work and this was very clearly detailed and professionally presented, so we knew exactly what the whole job was likely to cost before the work started. We knew where the costs were and his rates are very reasonable.

The work started on time and Colin is a very tidy tradesman whilst working. We live in an old house and there was quite a lot of loose plaster, which meant that there were several quite large holes which required filling, in addition to a lot of preparation due to uneven walls. His preparation work was excellent and in old house, this is not an easy task.

We had also just had some new custom-made wooden cupboards fitted into the room and Colin prepared the wood and painted it to a high standard which involved sealing and several coats of paint. We were unsure whether to paint the old fireplace or leave it wood-stained. When we mentioned this to Colin, he advised that he could provide digital photo images to show us options of how it might look, to help us to decide. This was really useful and these digital photos did help us to make up our minds on what looked best.

Colin also advised on brands of paint and colours to ensure that we got the best results and the paint matching he suggested is perfect. Colin’s attention to detail is highly commendable and I would definitely recommend his services.”

S. M., Preston, Lancashire:

“We were only slightly worried about being able to communicate what we needed, but there were absolutely no problems what so ever. If we didn’t understand, or the language was going to get a bit technical, pen and paper were resorted to. Alternatively, Colin is able to get in someone who can sign.

In fact it was a pleasure to welcome Colin into our house. The dog took to him after her usual initial concerns about unexpected visitors. He worked quietly and tidily, cleaning up when he left each night.

He was able to give us very helpful advice about the different colours that we were thinking of using, and confirm our own thoughts about what would go well. He provided colour charts to choose from, and bought all the materials required. The bill ended up a bit more than had been originally estimated, but this was the result of the extra work required to complete the job, and a revised estimate was given to us when the job was revisited.

The only thing you need to be aware of is his remarkable capacity to drink tea: white, 2 sugars. Make sure the tea caddy is full! Thanks very much. We will be back to book him for the other rooms in the house when they need attention.”